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Precision Machined for Optimal Durability and Dependability!


When you hear the words American Made, what comes to mind? There are so many tangible goods that all of us as consumers use daily. While you may not consciously think about some of these products as you use them, life would not be the same without them.

For us here at Vantage Point Archery, LLC there is nothing more American than the U.S. based manufacturers. We are proud to be based in the Midwest and more specifically here in Indiana, which boasts some of the largest manufacturing hubs in the United States of America. Having been in the industry for several decades now, we know what it takes to manufacture goods that consumers use daily.

VPA specializes in our own line of Archery specific products. It is certainly not an easy profession, but it's what we are passionate about and what drives us to become better each day. We ask that you check out our story and learn more about what we are currently doing below!

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VPA’s offerings have since grown to include over fifty varieties of both 2 and 3 blade models. (Largest selection in the market) Our offerings have expanded over the years to also include ILF Risers, small game points, and other archery products designed with superior strength and quality in mind. We pride ourselves on the fact that our products have taken countless trophies, on several continents, worldwide, including several Archery No.1’s. We have been featured in numerous national and international publications.

Find an Archery Equipment Expert in Fort Wayne, IN with

Vantage Point Archery LLC

You can guarantee that when you come to Vantage Point Archery, LLC you will find some of the most knowledgeable archery equipment experts in the Midwest. We have been archery equipment dealers since 2008 when we decided to become part of the solution to accessing better quality archery equipment for sale, bringing the best possible equipment to the market that we could. Finding there was still room for improvement we sought to develop some of our own lines. Starting out with our indestructible broadhead, the result was our one-piece CNC precision machined broadhead, the first of its kind, which put us on the map as an all-American archery equipment manufacturer. This led to Vantage Point Archery, LLC becoming widely regarded as one of the biggest breakthrough companies in the market. You can rest assured when you want to find an archery equipment dealer in Fort Wayne IN, you can’t go wrong coming to us. We now produce a variety of our own expert archery equipment that is sure to make your next hunting trip a successful and prolific one. We’re very proud of the work we do and always aim to bring the best equipment to the consumer. So, when you need to buy archery equipment in Fort Wayne, IN be sure to come and talk to the experts and fellow archery enthusiasts at Vantage Point Archery, LLC knowing you can rely on our knowledge and expertise.

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